María José Montiel

María José Montiel, on tour in the United States

María José Montiel

October 2018

·         The Spanish singer will participate in the Opera Stars Concert series in Florida and will introduce the Columbus Foundation to North America

October 2018

After beginning the season in Moscow with a recital of García Abril´s cantata Alegrías at the Bolshoi in the Russian capital (27th September), singing Chausson´s Poème de l'amour et de la mer in Caceres and Badajoz alongside the Orquesta de Extremadura (4th and 5th October) and Rossini´s Stabat Mater at the Princess of Asturias Prize concert in Oviedo (18th October), the Spanish mezzo-soprano María José Montiel will set forth on a recital tour of the United States that will take her to the cities of Raleigh (North Carolina), Washington DC and Naples (Florida), this last recital being one of the “Opera Stars Concert” series programmed by Opera Naples.  These performances will be in aid of the Columbus Foundation, of which María José Montiel is ambassador.  The foundation supports scientific innovation which is aimed at giving children with cancer and rare diseases access to cutting edge treatments.




The first stop on this American tour will be on the 7th November with a presentation concert for the Columbus Foundation at the A. J. Fletcher Opera Theater in Raleigh.  Montiel will be accompanied by the pianist Laurence Verna and the cellist Ángel Luis Quintana on this occasion.

Later, on the 12th November, María José Montiel will go to Washington DC to perform at the Carnegie Institute for Science, alongside the maestro Ramón Tebar on piano and, once again, the cellist Ángel Luis Quintana.

The last date of the Spanish singer´s US tour is on the 16th November, with the previously mentioned recital at Opera Naples.  On the occasion she will perform the choicest pieces in her repertoire, once again accompanied by Tebar.

Requiem de Verdi - Palau de la Música Catalana

"María José Montiel, con medios generosos, buena dicción, proyección, flexibilidad y un buen fiato"

El Periódico - Catalunya, César López Rosell

Requiem de Verdi - Palau de la Música Catalana

"una María José Montiel absolutamente entregada, una cantante que conoce la obra en sus más mínimos detalles y que expuso su hermoso timbre realizando proezas con su expresivo sentido del fraseo"

ABC - Catalunya, Pablo Meléndez Hadad

    • 2018: December 29
    • Concierto de Navidad - Teatro de la Zarzuela
    • Gala Concierto de Navidad - Teatro de La Zarzuela

      - Virginia Tola - Soprano 

      - María José Montiel - Mezzosoprano

      - Juán Jesús Rodriguez - Barítono

      - Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid - Dir. Ramón Tebar

    • 2019: February 28
    • Mahler Second - Gustav Mahler - Aud. Zaragoza
    • Mahler Second - Gustav Mahler

      Carmen Solís - Soprano

      María José Montiel - Mezzosoprano

      Orquesta Reino de Aragón - Dir. Iñigo Pírfano

      Orfeón Donostiarra - Dir. J.A. Sainz Alfaro

      28 de Febrero - 20:00hs - Auditorio de Zaragoza

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