María José Montiel

María José Montiel sings for the Constitution and for Christmas

María José Montiel

December 2018

-The Spanish mezzo will participate in the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the Constitution and in the Christmas concert at the Teatro de La Zarzuela

November 2018


The mezzo-soprano María José Montiel will return to her home town, Madrid. this month for two important engagements.  The Spanish diva will sing at the National Music Auditorium on the 5th December in a concert to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution.  She will be performing Beethoven´s 9th Symphony alongside the soprano María Espada, the tenor José Pazos and the baritone Juan Jesús Rodríguez, conducted by Miguel Ángel Gómez Martínez, who will be at the helm of the RTVE Orchestra and Choir.


Some days later, María José Montiel will return to the Teatro de La Zarzuela, also in Madrid, to take part in the theatre´s traditional Christmas Concert, where she will once again coincide with the baritone, Juan Jesús Rodríguez.  This time they will be accompanied by the soprano Isabel Rey, and the Community of Madrid Orchestra and Choir, conducted by Ramón Tebar. The programme will comprise wide and varied repertoire of the finest zarzuela music and, of course, will include many of the most popular songs of the genre. The concert will take place on the 29th December at the theatre in Jovellanos Street.

After Christmas, on 28th January, Montiel will sing at an opera gala at the Teatro Victoria Eugenia in San Sebastian, in aid of the Columbus Foundation, an organisation which funds innovative scientific projects and access to cutting-edge treatment worldwide for children with cancer and rare diseases.  María José Montiel, as ambassador of the Foundation, has just been on tour in the United States, and given concerts in various cities in order to raise money for this deserving cause.  In San Sebastian she will be accompanied by the Argentinian tenor Marcelo Puente.

Requiem de Verdi - Palau de la Música Catalana

"María José Montiel, con medios generosos, buena dicción, proyección, flexibilidad y un buen fiato"

El Periódico - Catalunya, César López Rosell

Requiem de Verdi - Palau de la Música Catalana

"una María José Montiel absolutamente entregada, una cantante que conoce la obra en sus más mínimos detalles y que expuso su hermoso timbre realizando proezas con su expresivo sentido del fraseo"

ABC - Catalunya, Pablo Meléndez Hadad

    • 2018: December 29
    • Concierto de Navidad - Teatro de la Zarzuela
    • Gala Concierto de Navidad - Teatro de La Zarzuela

      - Virginia Tola - Soprano 

      - María José Montiel - Mezzosoprano

      - Juán Jesús Rodriguez - Barítono

      - Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid - Dir. Ramón Tebar

    • 2019: February 28
    • Mahler Second - Gustav Mahler - Aud. Zaragoza
    • Mahler Second - Gustav Mahler

      Carmen Solís - Soprano

      María José Montiel - Mezzosoprano

      Orquesta Reino de Aragón - Dir. Iñigo Pírfano

      Orfeón Donostiarra - Dir. J.A. Sainz Alfaro

      28 de Febrero - 20:00hs - Auditorio de Zaragoza

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